nHand- it keeps your iPad securely “in Hand” at all times.

nHand® is the worlds first accessory that makes your ipad or smart tablet a truly handheld device. nHand® is a convenient, attachable handle made from high-grade billet aluminum that securely attaches to the back of any iPad, smart tablet, or even your laptop using the powerful 3M DuraLock re-closable fastening system.  Plus, when you set down your iPad, it also doubles as a 3-way stand, or you can even hang your tablet on the wall using the built-in hook feature.  It’s the simplicity of the nHand®  design that makes it so practical, yet highly functional.

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nHand® is specially designed to work with any Tablet or E-Reader, It works perfectly with the iPad, The Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Microsoft Surface, the Kindle or the Nook E-Readers, or even your laptop!  It easily attaches to your tablet case, for extra secure use.


Let’s face it… iPads and other smart tablets are expensive… and at the same time, they can also be slippery little suckers.  Dropping one can almost guarantee you $150+ dollars or more to replace broken glass, or worse, it could be destroyed beyond repair.


At the same time, more and more people are using smart tablets for their business and personal daily tasks.  From teachers who use iPads in the classroom, to doctors and nurses, engineers, police, designers, or librarians, we all want the convenience of a smart tablet, without the constant fear of dropping it, or the awkward fumbling that tablets and bulky cases can cause.

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That is why we invented the nHand®- it keeps your iPad securely “in Hand” at all times.

Imagine… now you can lay out by the pool and read your favorite novel without having to worry about your e-reader falling into the water.  The uses for nHand® are unlimited.

Children love nHand® because they can finally hold onto an iPad while playing games or learning.  Parents love nHand® because they can feel secure in letting their child enjoy the benefits of technology without the constant fear of damage.


• Made of high-grade billet aluminum, and available in beautiful silver, black, red or gold anodized finish.  It’s smooth curves are a natural addition to the sleek lines of the iPad.


• The ergonomic design comfortably fits any size hand using one of three soft memory foam inserts that is included with each nHand product, and works the same for right or left handed people.  The smooth rounded edges of nHand ensure hours of comfortable use even in the most demanding conditions.

• nHand ‘s innovative design also features 3 different stand positions for your tablet- a 65˚ degree angle, a 35˚ degree angle and a 25˚ degree angle.

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•  nHand is attached to your tablet using 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive strips that feature the 3M DuraLock re-closable fastening system. The package includes enough strips for using your nHand with up to 3 devices.  Although the nHand® is surprisingly secure when attached to your smart tablet, it is easy to remove and reattach using the 3M DuraLock re-closable fastening system.  This new technology is light years ahead of any Velcro based handle.  You can be confident that once the nHand is locked to your iPad, it will not detach easily.

duallock2• nHand® is not only highly useful and convenient, it can pay for itself many times over in reduced accidents.

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